In order to better assist you, Espanola Regional Hydro is pleased to offer the following payment options. To avoid interest charges, please ensure you allow sufficient time for your payment to reach us by the due date. For additional information please continue to read or click one of the following 

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Pre-Authorized Payment

Pre-Authorized payments are an easy and convenient way to pay your Espanola Regional Hydro bill each month.

  • NO cheque to write, get lost or stolen.
  • NO trip required to pay your bill.
  • SAVE time, trouble and postage.
  • ELIMINATE late payment charges.
  • ELIMINATE worry about missed due dates.
  • ELIMINATE postal disruption worries.
  • ENSURE worry free payment during extended absences.
  • CANCEL at any time upon reasonable notice.

Your payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account on or about the due date each month. With the pre-authorized payment, your hydro bill is sent to you in advance of the date your payment is withdrawn from your bank account. This way, you’ll know ahead of time the exact amount that will be deducted. To participate in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, please contact our Customer Service department at or 705-869-2771.


Equal Monthly Payment Plan

Residential and small Commercial/Industrial customers of Espanola Regional Hydro are eligible to participate in the Monthly Equal Payment Plan. The amount will be based on your average billing for the last twelve-month period, so for that reason, the Equal Payment Plan is ideally suited for customers with at least twelve months of history with Espanola Regional Hydro. If twelve months of billing history is not available, the amount will be determined by one of our Customer Accounts Specialists. Your account will be reviewed at least twice per year to ensure that your monthly equal payment amount remains reasonable. You will be advised on your regular bill if the amount has been re-assessed. June is the reconciliation month when your bill will reflect the monthly budget amount, plus or minus any adjustments for overpayment or underpayment. To participate in the Equal Monthly Payment Plan, please contact our Customer Service department at or 705-869-2771.


Telephone or Online Banking

Pay from the comfort of your home, using the internet or telephone banking services of your financial institution. Both are easy to set up, just ask your bank or financial institution for details. You will need your Espanola Regional Hydro account number to ensure your payments are received and posted to your account on time. If your bank requires 13 digits, add two zero's before your new account number. Espanola Regional Hydro usually receives the payment advice within two business days to apply to your account.

Credit Card


Web payment: Click on: Pay by Credit Card and you will be transferred to a secure web page powered by our bill payment partner Paymentus.

Telephone payment:  Dial toll-free 1-877-480-3967 and you will be linked to a secure automated telephone payment system powered by our bill payment partner Paymentus.

Espanola Regional Hydro has enlisted Paymentus Instant Payment Network, a third-party automated payment services company to accept Visa and MasterCard payments from our customers. Using this service you can pay your bill right away, any time, any day. Customers using this bill payment option will be charged a service fee for each transaction by Paymentus. Espanola Regional Hydro does NOT receive any part of the service fee. The following two payment options are available.

Payments of up to $1000 and at a rate of 1.75% for all cards.

Please note that if your service has been disconnected or if you have received a collection notice, it is essential for you to report your credit card payment to us today.


Branch Banking or Financial Institution

Make your bill payment in person at your banking branch or financial institution. You will need the remittance stub of your Espanola Regional Hydro bill to pay this way. Please remember that banks often require additional processing time when handling bill payments in order to avoid late payment charges.



Payments can be mailed in. Please ensure that you include your remittance stub.