Planned Projects

2024 upcoming projects

King St Rebuild – Massey Summer/Fall 2024
Work to include replacing 4 poles, 1 transformer, and upgrading the secondary conductors along King St from Castle St to Imperial St S.

Albert St Rebuild – Espanola Spring 2024
Work to include replacing 15 poles and 4 transformers and upgrading the secondary conductors along Albert St from Marguerite St to Centre St.

Watson Ave – Espanola - Underground Rebuild Phase 2–Spring/Summer 2024
The work involves the relocation of the backlot underground infrastructure to the road allowance, affecting Barber St from Watson Ave to Arthur Court and Haig St from Watson Ave to Vincent Court.  This project will remove aging assets in backyards that are difficult to access. Repair work on those lines would have significant impacts on people’s backyards and restoration of power would take a significant amount of time.  To avoid impacts and change the nature of the neighbourhood, the assets are being relocated underground in the front of the properties.

Bell Canada Fiber to the Home project – Underway
Numerous Make-Ready pole replacements are planned for communication companies. These projects accommodate the government initiative to have high-speed internet access to almost every home.  These poles are replaced as needed; therefore, complete lines may be reconstructed or only a few poles in a line.  This work has started and will be ongoing during the year.

A ”Make-Ready” project is a project that Espanola Regional Hydro undertakes to modify the existing pole infrastructure and conductors and “make them ready” for communication companies to attach their assets.  This could include moving up the hydro lines to make more room on existing poles if the poles are tall enough and in good condition or might require the installation of new poles.  The assets are typically communication cables and/or boxes.