Corporate Structure

ERH is a licenced electricity distribution company that serves approximately 3,328 customers in the Town of Espanola and the Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers (specifically the Towns of Espanola, Webbwood and Massey). ERH was acquired by North Bay Hydro Holdings Limited in 2019 and will soon amalgamate with North Bay Hydro Distribution Limited to form one licensed electricity distribution company (New North Bay Hydro Distribution Limited) that will serve North Bay and the ERH service areas listed above.  After amalgamation the ERH branding will remain in place until at least 2029 and service levels in the ERH area will remain the same if not better with local presence being maintained.

ERH strives to provide our customers with the safe and reliable distribution of electricity backed by exceptional customer service and commitments to keep the electrical grid in good repair, pace investment in new infrastructure, provide quick response time in outage situations, and maintain affordable rates.

We are always just a call away, and take pride in servicing the Town of Espanola, and the Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers, after all we are COMMUNITY POWER!